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Are you focusing on your family's priorities and building the lifestyle you want? Have you given thought towards the income you may need in retirement to live the life you have now?

Aligning one’s values and life goals

Vangile Makwakwa from Wealthy Money discusses spending and investing in alignment with one's values and life goals with the help of advice.

Sisters need to be doing it for themselves

Faeeza Khan from Liberty discusses how women should be financially prepared for retirement given the growing trend of high divorce rate and them living longer than men.

Insure yourself for major medical
events first

Supplement a medical aid with insurance cover. Moneyweb’s Arabile Gumede chats to Anthea Towert of Axiomatic Consultants about her views on health and medical expenses

Investing in property for retirement

How much property exposure should be part of one's retirement? Moneyweb’s Arabile Gumede chats to Mduduzi Luthuli of Luthuli Capital.

Do I have enough to retire?

How do you know if you have enough savings for retirement?

Does the way we think about retirement
still make sense?

Africans have always embraced the concept of common wealth and black tax, yet the current retirement system forces individuals to save for themselves. With all the factors that affect retirement, only the amount saved and preserved is within your control.

How to start saving for retirement at age 45

It’s preferable to start saving when you’re in your 20s, but the ‘better late than never’ maxim holds true. Clarence Botha discusses some of the steps that can be taken.

Focus needs to be on income

How investors need to consider a shift in behaviour to rather focus on the monthly income they will receive at retirement, and not only on the lump sum.